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Share Your Water Videos

October 18th, 2011|Categories: News, The Ripple Blog|

Water.org has partnered with One Day On Earth calling for video entries documenting how we access water. "CALL TO ACTION: Share video of your water. Without water, life would not exist. It is a prerequisite for all human and economic development. This 11.11.11 we invite you to share with the world how you access life's most [...]

Guestbook is open

June 13th, 2011|Categories: The Ripple Blog, Water Tips|

We've added a guestbook for readers to post comments and questions. If you have any questions or thoughts about The Ripple Effect or water concerns and information you'd like to share please drop by and leave me a note. I can't promise to respond to all the posts but I'll try and post feedback on the Ripple [...]

US Drought Map

June 13th, 2011|Categories: Drought, The Ripple Blog|Tags: , , , |

The Climate Prediction Center has a map showing the outlook for drought conditions in the US. The map covers the period from June 3rd to August 31st 2011. I dedicate a whole section of The Ripple Effect to drought, in the US and around the world.

Video intro for The Ripple Effect

June 8th, 2011|Categories: The Ripple Blog|

I have just added my video introduction to the media and downloads page. You can also see it here.

Associated Press Review

June 3rd, 2011|Categories: Reviews, The Ripple Blog|Tags: , , , |

The Ripple Effect offers a balanced and insightful assessment of what could emerge as the dominant issue in decades ahead. Anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the threat to what the author calls "the most valuable resource on earth" would do well to heed his message. Read the full review here >

Julia Child: Links

May 25th, 2011|Categories: News|Tags: |

I've just added a page of links to the Julia Child section of the website that could be useful to students, researchers and readers of my book, My Life In France. There are also a couple of video clips.

Publishers Weekly starred review

May 25th, 2011|Categories: Reviews, The Ripple Blog|Tags: |

Prud'homme, a journalist and the coauthor with Julia Child of My Life in France, examines crucial issues concerning the world's finite supply of fresh water-- pollution, water quantity (drought and flood), waste, and governance. Focusing on the U.S., he explores how water scarcity, population growth, and environmental degradation are forcing the country to a moment of reckoning on a scale [...]

Booklist review

May 25th, 2011|Categories: Reviews, The Ripple Blog|Tags: |

The Ripple Effect: The Fate of Fresh Water in the Twenty-First Century. Prud'homme, Alex (Author) Jun 2011. 448 p. Scribner, hardcover, $27.00. (9781416535454). 333.91. As development spreads and water resources are stretched to the limit, one essential resource, water, is becoming increasingly commodified and the subject of corporate interest and investment as well as lawsuits when consumers weigh [...]

Kirkus review

May 25th, 2011|Categories: Reviews, The Ripple Blog|Tags: |

The Ripple Effect: The Fate of Fresh Water in the Twenty-First Century Freelance journalist Prud’homme (The Cell Game: Sam Waksal’s Fast Money and False Promises—and the Fate of ImClone’s Cancer Drug, 2004, etc.) offers a comprehensive, even encyclopedic, survey of the dangers, debates, frustrations, failures, technology, greed, apathy and rage that whirlpool around the phenomenally complex [...]

Simple steps save water

May 25th, 2011|Categories: Quality, The Ripple Blog, Water Tips|

Here is a selection of simple tips taken from The Ripple Effect that show just how easy it can be to reduce the amount of water you use. You can read the full 10 over in the Ripple Effect section. Fix leaks: a dripping faucet can waste more than 10 gallons of water a day Replace [...]